Executive Committee

Jamie Tainton

Jamie Tainton
Afflux Environmental Consulting

Jamie has 14 years experience working as a Civil Engineer.  A great majority of this work has focused on Subdivision and Water Sensitive Urban Design through the land development process. Jamie has worked closely with local governments, developers, water retailers, and authorities like Melbourne Water to find efficient and economical solutions to many projects. Jamie has also worked extensively across the Victorian and New South Wales markets and is well versed in the expectations of Council.

With knowledge of and experience in the application of various planning, legislatures and Best Management Practices, Jamie has strengths in the feasibility, concept design, detailed design and construction/superintending phases of a variety of projects including roads, intersections, sewer, water supply, drainage, and water quality assets.

From this role as a graduate Civil Engineer through to the Management position that Jamie now holds, effective communication is one of her strongest attributes and is what differentiates her from her peers.  Jamie has run workshops, mentored staff, educated clients and negotiated outcomes. She enjoys the challenge of identifying an audiences’ motivations and using that, is able to achieves the best outcome for a project.

Sarah Watkins

Sarah Watkins
Melbourne Water
Vice President

Sarah currently work at Melbourne Water in the Water Services Planning team, focusing on medium-term planning for growth and strategic integrated water management projects. Sarah work closely with Melbourne Water's Development Planning team, the retail water companies, Councils and DELWP. Sarah is also involved as an industry representative in the CRC Water Sensitive Cities. Previously Sarah worked as the Regional Stormwater Coordinator as part of the Living Rivers Program working with many Councils on improved stormwater management projects. Prior to Melbourne Water, Sarah spent 3 years at Storm Consulting where she gained experience in design and modelling of WSUD and SWH systems. Sarah also have been involved in the Little Stringybark Creek Project and the ESO (planning overlay). Qualifications include: B. Engineering (Environmental), B. Science, M. Integrated Water Management.

headshot Rachelle

Rachelle Adamowicz
Melbourne Water

Rachelle is a Regional Stormwater Coordinator at Melbourne Water where she coordinates the Living Rivers program for the North-East and Inner metro Councils to advance sustainable stormwater management and water sensitive urban design (WSUD) for the protection of waterways and environmental benefits. Through her work, Rachelle supports a number of stages of stormwater management including policy, strategy, construction and maintenance. Through her Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Environment & Sustainability, Rachelle's academic background is strongly rooted in environmental science, sociology and philosophy. Rachelle has been in the stormwater industry for 7 years and prior to joining Melbourne Water, worked with the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities.

Colin McLeod

Colin McLeod
Maroondah City Council

Colin is a Civil and Infrastructure engineer who started his career working as a Civil Structural Engineer focusing on housing developments and drainage design. During this time, Colin has developed skills relating to foundation and construction; his passion however, was always with water and its interactions with the environment.

Colin is currently working with the local government as a Drainage Engineer, expanding his knowledge and skills of flood modelling and project engineering. His role consists of assisting developers to design proposals that reduce flooding across municipalities, whilst also identifying areas for draining improvements and water sensitive urban design. Through his work, Colin hopes to continually enhance surrounding communities through developments of new innovative solutions that will reduce adverse impacts on waterways and ecology surrounding those waterways.


Committee Members

Charlotte Beresford

Charlotte Beresford
Melbourne Water


Charlotte is an outcome-focussed professional with 15 years experience in integrated water management. The majority of this experience is derived from 10 years with local government working across waterway health, catchment management, flood risk management, water sensitive urban design, urban renewal and open space planning. She has also worked with training organisations to strengthen IWM planning and delivery, in Australia and internationally.

Charlotte is currently the Stormwater Program Lead at Melbourne Water, progressing Melbourne Water’s strategic stormwater vision through policy, planning and delivery.

 stephen d

Stephen D'Agata
Golder Associates


Stephen is a Civil Engineer with expertise in Infrastructure Planning and Asset Management in private consulting, water authority, and local government sectors.

After graduating from RMIT University in the late 1980s, Stephen joined the former Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works (later to become Melbourne Water) and went on to become the Team Leader for Sewer Network Modelling and Planning at Yarra Valley Water when it was separated out from Melbourne Water in January 1995.

In 1999 he took his then young family to central Victoria to be the Senior Engineer for Planning for Goulburn Valley Water to manage their infrastructure planning and asset management programs.

In 2006 Stephen moved back to Melbourne to join Earth Tech Engineering as a Senior Engineer and Project Manager.  He later went on to become the Manager of Earth Tech's System Performance and Planning Team in Australia providing network planning, GIS, and asset condition assessment services throughout eastern Australia.

More recently, Stephen has worked in Drainage and Asset Management in local government, first with the City of Banyule and then with the City of Boroondara.  A key achievement in these roles was the designation of properties liable to flooding within each municipality.

In 2019 Stephen returned to the private sector as Principal Surface Water Engineer in the Melbourne office of Golder and Associates.

Outside of work, Stephen is currently developing his skills as an author and presenter/entertainer. He has contributed to 2 published anthologies titled: “Live your Truth” and "A Message to Your Younger Self". Stephen has applied his presentation skills in several technical presentations but also performs some of his personal writings at monthly open mic nights and has even tried his hand at stand-up comedy.

057A4997 Aaron 

Aaron Dowling

Aaron is a Civil Engineer with 8 years of experience in Water Sensitive Urban Design, stormwater management and strategy development. Throughout his time spanning across the public and private sector, Aaron has developed keen interest and skills in Integrated Water Management, bringing strong technical capabilities and innovative thinking to address challenges inherent.

Aaron began his career as a development engineer at Melbourne Water where he was responsible for the design and implementation of Development Services Schemes. In this role, he excelled at integrating drainage system designs with the planning process through his involvement in Precinct Structure Plans and Planning Panels.

More recently, Aaron has entered the private consultancy space where he has both contributed to and lead projects involving integrated water management plans, water balance assessments, updating industry guidelines and workshop facilitation. 

He is passionate about the design and implementation of innovative water servicing solutions that deliver beneficial environmental, social and financial outcomes. His broad knowledge of the development industry standards and practices is evident in his practical approach to problem solving and negotiation.

Aaron aspires to become both a technical specialist and a key contributor to policy development in the Australian water industry, advocating for beneficial and progressive change on the path to realising the vision of water sensitive cities.

Bahman Esfandiar

Dr Bahman Esfandiar
WSP Australia


Bahman is an Associate civil engineer at WSP, specialises in both large and small scale urban flood mapping applications and drainage design. Bahman is experienced in working with Catchment Management Authorities, Melbourne Water, metropolitan Councils and urban developers. Bahman's experience relates to stormwater quantity and quality management and stormwater drainage design in an urban setting. With significant hydrologic and hydraulic modelling experience gained in over 10 years of professional experience, Bahman works on stormwater quality and quantity management projects, flood mapping and mitigation and drainage design projects. His current qualification includes a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Master of Engineering in Hydraulics and Hydrology and a PhD in Environment and Infrastructure Engineering.

Alice Lisitsa Headshot

Alice Lisitsa

Alice Lisitsa holds a double degree in Civil Engineering and Science (BE/BSC) from Monash University. She has also acquired a postgraduate Masters of Engineering Science by Research (MSc) at Monash focusing on biofiltration and Water Sensitive Urban Design, more broadly.

Alice has spent the better part of a decade focused on stormwater quality and flood management in urban areas, working closely with Melbourne Water and Councils in greenfield and infill development projects. After more than 10 years in the industry, between engineering consulting in hydrology and WSUD sector and lecturing tertiary engineering students, Alice has joined ARUP as a Senior Civil Engineer where she has formed part of the Western Program Alliance's Civil team as a Drainage, Hydrology and Flood Management lead for several level crossing removal projects throughout Melbourne.

Michael Mag Headshot

Michael Mag 
Stormy Water Solutions

Michael is a Senior Hydrological Engineer at Stormy Water Solutions and has been with the company for 5-years. He holds a master’s degree in Advanced Civil Engineering (Water) and undergraduate degrees in Civil Engineering (Honors) and Science (Applied Mathematics). Due to the nature of Stormy Water Solutions, Michael interacts with projects at many stages of their life from designing initial PSP proposals through to auditing 20-year old assets. Michael has a real passion in passing on knowledge, aiming to educate and engage. Michael is a passionate member of stormwater industry, and its role in the public service, always striving for the best community outcome in all projects.

Celine Marchenay 2

Celine Marchenay 
Water Technology

Celine is an environmental engineer with 13 years in the water industry and a passion for integrated water management. During the first five years of her career, Celine focused on delivering a series of potable water and sewer network hydraulic models for water authorities in Australia; developing a deep understanding of the operations and challenges on the potable water and sewer networks associated to population growth and aging infrastructure. Over the last eight years, Celine has been working at Water Technology as part of the Integrated Stormwater Management group that she now leads, delivering surface water management strategies to secure the health and safety of the community and environment that we live in. Celine’s professional experience within the various areas in the water industry gives her a level of appreciation for the constraints and challenges the different water beneficiaries and managers are facing in planning and managing for the future.

20200901 201620

Maria Matamala
Engeny Water Management  

Maria is a senior environmental engineer with 5 years of experience in the stormwater industry. Since graduating from RMIT University, she has been working at Engeny on a diverse range of projects. This has included flood studies, stormwater and integrated water management strategies as well as the concept to detailed design phases of drainage and WSUD infrastructure. She has really enjoyed overcoming the unique challenges associated with each project whilst collaborating and working with a variety of government and developer clients.

She is passionate about how project outcomes can have a positive impact on the wider community and environment. She looks forward to becoming more involved in the industry/ committee by organising opportunities for professional growth and collaboration that inspire knowledge sharing and innovation.


Nausheen Obaid

Nausheen Obaid
City of Casey

Nausheen currently works as Senior Water Planner at the City of Casey.  Nausheen has an Engineering background with more than seven years of experience of working within the stormwater industry. 

As a stormwater champion in Council, Nausheen builds Council capacity in water planning and achieving its Water Management Vision.  She has experience in leading water management strategies and been involved in  designing WSUD, Stormwater Harvesting  and other water quality assets . In her work, she supports Council’s strategic water planning, advocates for better holistic water management initiatives as well as ensures WSUD assets are adequately maintained. Through Council planning processes she focuses on delivering sustainable water management outcomes for community . Nausheen, also closely works with  external partners including DELWP , Melbourne Water , South East Water and other local governments to deliver holistic and collaborative Integrated Water Management outcomes.

tracey pham

Tracey Pham

Tracey completed a Bachelor of Engineering (with honours) at Monash University, and worked for a short time at Western Water as a project manager. During her undergraduate degree, she investigated the cost and benefits of several stormwater harvesting projects in Melbourne. Tracey finished her Master of Engineering (Research) thesis titled “The Effect of Vegetation in Stormwater Biofiltration Sytems”. This project taught her the importance of persistence, optimism and patience to project delivery.

Tracey has also had various roles in the Civil Engineering world. She taught stormwater management to undergraduate students, and assisted PhD students with field or lab work as a Research Assistant. Tracey was a stormwater consultant at Cardno for three years and is now working at Afflux Consulting. The work varies depending on project and client requirements, however they primarily consist of:

  • Devising stormwater and flood management solutions
  • Drainage, flood and water quality modelling (primarily using 1D and 2D XPSWMM, MUSIC, TUFLOW)
  • Liasoning with clients and relevant authority
  • Flood mapping (MapInfo)
  • Stormwater Risk asessment

Katie Hi Res 3

Katie Prout
Engeny Water Management

Katie Prout is an Associate Environmental Engineer at Engeny Water Management specialising in water resource management, flood modelling and flood risk assessment. She also has experience in distributed storages, development services schemes and sewerage network planning from her time working at Melbourne Water. Currently, she is working on a variety of rural and urban flood modelling projects for various councils such as Knox City Council and the Rural City of Wangaratta as well as Melbourne Water.

Katie completed a Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Environmental) with First Class Honours, along with a Bachelor degree in Science (Environmental) from RMIT University, focusing heavily on water quality in her final years of study. She is excited to be involved in the committee to collaborate more with other industry professionals and promote understanding and appreciation of stormwater management to local communities, and identify ways to better manage stormwater for our future.

Tania work photo small

Tania Struzina

Tania coordinates the design and delivery of Clearwater training and events and contributes to a range of stakeholder engagement activities. She has worked for the Clearwater program for over ten years she has extensive experience and knowledge in building capacity for Integrated Water Management. Tania has a background in environmental education and capacity building across a wide range of sectors. She holds a Bachelor degree in Communications and Masters in Environment and Planning. Her previous work history includes ECO-Buy Local Government Green Purchasing program at the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), MSSI Sustainability Institute at Melbourne University, Campus Planning at RMIT University, and in International Development with Oxfam Australia.

Jessica Ward

Jessica Ward

Jessica has 10 years’ experience as an Environmental Engineer in the water industry providing a wide range of specialist water services to the public and private sectors. Jessica has lived and worked across the three states of the eastern seaboard, and gained invaluable knowledge within the different policy contexts. Her core expertise ranges from integrated water management and catchment hydrology to detailed water sensitive urban design through to construction.

Detailed capability incorporates catchment hydrology, flood assessment, water balance, water quality, drainage networks and groundwater flow, enabling Jessica to provide strategic solutions to a broad range of complex design and management projects. This is complemented by a Master’s Degree in Water Resources Engineering, having completed an undergraduate in Environmental Engineering.

Her passion for innovation and water sensitive design that provides optimum benefits to the wider public drives Jessica’s day-to-day approach to engineering solutions. Integrating all this, Jessica's passion lies in protecting waterways and enabling green links for healthy communities.


Jacqueline Woodlock
Beveridge Williams

Jacqueline is a Water Resource Engineer at Beveridge Williams. Jacqueline completed a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at RMIT University while working in South East Water’s Design & Delivery and Maintenance teams. Since graduating University, she has worked for Beveridge Williams, starting in the Civil team in Urban Development and later moving to the Water Resources team. Jacqueline has experience in developing stormwater strategies, hydrological and hydraulic modelling, stormwater treatment modelling and detail design of water sensitive urban design assets.





Stormwater Victoria Sub Committee Representatives 2020 - 2021


Jamie Tainton, Sarah Watkins, Rachelle Adamowicz, Colin McLeod

Conference and Awards

Chair:  Bahman Esfandiar

Committee:  Jamie Tainton (Executive), Jacqueline Woodlock, Stephen D'Agata

Advocacy and Strategic Direction

Chair:  Alice Lisitsa

Committee:  Sarah Watkins (Executive), Charlotte Beresford, Michael Mag

Technical Events 

Chair:  Tracey Pham

Sub Committee: Rachelle Adamowicz (Executive), Katie Prout, Maria Matamala, Nausheen Obaid, Tania Struzina

Membership and Engagement

Chair:  Aaron Dowling

Sub Committee:  Colin McLeod (Executive), Celine Marchenay, Jess Ward (Social Media)