Executive Committee

Sarah Watkins

Sarah Watkins
Melbourne Water

Sarah is the Team Leader, Integrated Networks at Melbourne Water. Her background in Environmental Engineering and Science is put to daily use in progressing novel, integrated water management, waterway management, stormwater and flood projects. Her team is responsible for the implementation and development of business cases for major Melbourne Water investment in stormwater harvesting across the region. Sarah has been heavily involved in the development of drainage strategies, and funding for these important flood mitigations works for state significant renewal precincts in Fishermans Bend and Arden Macaulay. She has been active and passionate member of the SV committee for 7 years.

Alice Lisitsa Headshot

Alice Lisitsa
Vice President

Alice is a flooding and hydraulics expert with over 12 years of experience in water engineering and hydrology. She is a Flooding and hydraulics expert with over 12 years of experience in water engineering and hydrology. Alice is a chartered engineer with a double degree in Civil Engineering and Science (BE/BSC) and also has a postgraduate Masters of Engineering Science by Research focusing on biofiltration and Water Sensitive UrbanDesign (WSUD) more broadly. Over the past three years, Alice has been working at ARUP as technical flood modelling lead on numerous major infrastructure projects for LXRP and MRPV, assessing and mitigating flood impact from road and railupgrades.

 stephen d

Stephen D'Agata

With over 30 years' experience across public utilities, local government and private consulting, Stephen has great knowledge and insight on water management in Victoria and what needs to be done to make integrated water management work in the real world.  An infrastructure planning and asset management specialist, Stephen uses his skills to assist clients in developing and implementing innovative and sustainable solutions to surface water management problems.  Stephen is currently a Principal Planning Engineer with WSP in Melbourne.  WSP is a multinational consultancy company providing a broad range of environmental and civil engineering services to public and private clients.

Charlotte Beresford

Charlotte Beresford
Melbourne Water


Charlotte is an outcome-focussed professional with over 15 years experience in integrated water management. TheCharlotte is an outcome-focussed professional with over 15 years experience in integrated water management. Themajority of this experience is derived from 10 years with local government working across waterway health,catchment management, flood risk management, water sensitive urban design, urban renewal and open spaceplanning. She has also worked with training organisations to strengthen IWM planning and delivery, in Australiaand internationally.Charlotte is currently the Stormwater Program Lead with Melbourne Water, working to drive storwmater outcomesthrough policy, planning and capital delivery.

Jamie Tainton

Jamie Tainton
Afflux Environmental Consulting
Immediate Past President

Jamie has 15 years experience working as a Civil Engineer.  A great majority of this work has focused on Subdivision and Water Sensitive Urban Design through the land development process. Jamie has worked closely with local governments, developers, water retailers, and authorities like Melbourne Water to find efficient and economical solutions to many projects. Jamie has also worked extensively across the Victorian and New South Wales markets and is well versed in the expectations of Council.  With knowledge of and experience in the application of various planning, legislatures and Best Management Practices, Jamie has strengths in the feasibility, concept design, detailed design and construction/superintending phases of a variety of projects including roads, intersections, sewer, water supply, drainage, and water quality assets.

From this role as a graduate Civil Engineer through to the Management position that Jamie now holds, effective communication is one of her strongest attributes and is what differentiates her from her peers.  Jamie has run workshops, mentored staff, educated clients and negotiated outcomes. She enjoys the challenge of identifying an audiences’ motivations and using that, is able to achieves the best outcome for a project.


Committee Members

headshot Rachelle

Rachelle Adamowicz
Melbourne Water

Rachelle is an environmental and social scientist. She works at Melbourne Water where she coordinates the Stormwater Incentives program for the South-East and Inner Metro regions of Melbourne. Rachelle aims to accelerate integrated water management and works to protect waterways from the impacts of stormwater and urbanisation. Through her Bachelor of Arts, Masters of Environment and research with the CRC for WSC, is particularly interested in the connection between engineering solutions, science and evidence in decision making and the behaviours that drive people and organisations toward environmentally positive outcomes. Rachelle is a strong environmental advocate and has been in the stormwater industry since 2011.

057A4997 Aaron 

Aaron Dowling

Aaron is a Civil Engineer with 8 years of experience in Water Sensitive Urban Design, stormwater management and strategy development. Throughout his time spanning across the public and private sector, Aaron has developed keen interest and skills in Integrated Water Management, bringing strong technical capabilities and innovative thinking to address challenges inherent.

Aaron began his career as a development engineer at Melbourne Water where he was responsible for the design and implementation of Development Services Schemes. In this role, he excelled at integrating drainage system designs with the planning process through his involvement in Precinct Structure Plans and Planning Panels.  More recently, Aaron has entered the private consultancy space where he has both contributed to and lead projects involving integrated water management plans, water balance assessments, updating industry guidelines and workshop facilitation. He is passionate about the design and implementation of innovative water servicing solutions that deliver beneficial environmental, social and financial outcomes. His broad knowledge of the development industry standards and practices is evident in his practical approach to problem solving and negotiation.

Aaron aspires to become both a technical specialist and a key contributor to policy development in the Australian water industry, advocating for beneficial and progressive change on the path to realising the vision of water sensitive cities.

headshot Damien

Damien Egan
Ocean Protect

Damien is the National Sales Manager at Ocean Protect. Ocean Protect is a leader in developing innovative and efficient site-specific solutions that manage the impact of stormwater runoff on the built environment and prevent contaminants in the runoff from entering aquatic ecosystems. In his national role he is exposed to a large variety of technical, regulatory and commercial matters that are geographically nuanced across different regions in Australia. Damien has over 28 years’ experience as a Civil Engineer delivering infrastructure projects within the building and construction industry, particularly in the civil sector. He has worked in every stage of the process from design, planning, specification, manufacture and construction methods and implementing detailed programs for the coordination of site activities. This gives Damien a particularly broad and informed perspective on delivery of WSUD infrastructure.

headshot Sarh

Sarah Hollis
Water Modelling Solutions

Sarah Hollis graduated from University of South Australia in 2011, with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours). On graduating, Sarah joined the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) in South Australia within the Planning and Design Section where she worked for a year. Following some extensive international travel, Sarah moved back to Australia and started working with Taylors GPS Design and Development in 2016 where she managed a small survey team undertaking surveys and drainage design for small and large scale agricultural developments nationwide. In 2018, Sarah accepted a position with Water Technology, joining the Integrated Stormwater Management team where she was heavily involved in various urban stormwater management projects. In 2019 Sarah joined KBR as a project engineer with the North West Program Alliance and completed the hydrologic, hydraulic and water quality modelling aspects for several rail replacement infrastructure projects within north west metropolitan Melbourne including Bell to Moreland Road and Bell to Preston Station. Sarah accepted a position with Water Modelling Solutions in early 2021 where she is currently employed.

headshot Bresson

Bresson Li

Bresson has three years of experience in the water industry. Recently, Bresson started a new role as Civil Engineer on the Bulk Water and Wastewater Design team within the wider water group at Aurecon. Prior to this, he was with E2Designlab, a specialist IWM and WSUD consultancy. He is experienced in stormwater modelling and data analysis, and has played a key role in supporting the delivery of many large-scale Integrated Water Management (IWM) plans and stormwater management strategies. Recently, he also led the development of a WSUD masterplan for a local Council here in Victoria, where he gained valuable project management skills. Bresson holds a Master of Engineering degree (Civil, graduated with Distinction) from University of Melbourne (2018) and a Bachelor of Science degree (Engineering Science) from University of Western Australia (2016).

Celine Marchenay

Celine Marchenay 
Water Technology

Celine is a resourceful environmental engineer with 15 years’ experience in the water industry and a passion for Celine is a resourceful environmental engineer with 15 years’ experience in the water industry and a passion for sustainability and integrated water management. She completed a Master’s degree in Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering in France before settling in Australia, where she started her engineering career. During the first five years, Celine focused on delivering a series of potable water and sewer network hydraulic models for water authorities undertaking master planning investigations in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. With an understanding of the operations and challenges on the potable water and sewer networks associated with population growth and aging infrastructure, Celine joined the stormwater industry and Water Technology in 2011 where she currently leads a talented team delivering drainage and stormwater quality related projects including flood studies, stormwater management strategies, design of WSUD assets and stormwater harvesting schemes in urban catchments.

20200901 201620

Maria Matamala
Engeny Water Management  

Maria is a senior environmental engineer with 5 years of experience in the stormwater industry. Since graduating from RMIT University, she has been working at Engeny on a diverse range of projects. This has included flood studies, stormwater and integrated water management strategies as well as the concept to detailed design phases of drainage and WSUD infrastructure. She has really enjoyed overcoming the unique challenges associated with each project whilst collaborating and working with a variety of government and developer clients. She is passionate about how project outcomes can have a positive impact on the wider community and environment. She looks forward to becoming more involved in the industry/ committee by organising opportunities for professional growth and collaboration that inspire knowledge sharing and innovation.

Nausheen Obaid

Nausheen Obaid
City of Casey

Nausheen currently works as Senior Water Planner at the City of Casey.  Nausheen has an Engineering background with more than 10 years of experience of working within the stormwater industry. 

The City of Casey is one of the fastest and largest growing municipality in Melbourne's South East with large growth areas as well as significant infill developed areas. As a municipality, Council faces challenges to manage growth and urban developments and its impact on water management in many context. My role involves leading strategic water planning projects, advocating for better holistic Integrated Water Management policies and initiatives, preparing long term capital works program for stormwater management projects , increasing capacity and knowledge in the space of water management as well as representing local governments at various working groups and forums to clearly represent Council position. I have been appreciated for demonstrating passion and leadership in the IWM space.

Katie Hi Res 3

Katie Prout
Engeny Water Management

Katie Prout is an Associate Environmental Engineer at Engeny Water Management specialising in water resource management, flood modelling and flood risk assessment. She also has experience in distributed storages, development services schemes and sewerage network planning from her time working at Melbourne Water. Currently, she is working on a variety of rural and urban flood modelling projects for various councils such as Knox City Council and the Rural City of Wangaratta as well as Melbourne Water.

Katie completed a Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Environmental) with First Class Honours, along with a Bachelor degree in Science (Environmental) from RMIT University, focusing heavily on water quality in her final years of study. She is excited to be involved in the committee to collaborate more with other industry professionals and promote understanding and appreciation of stormwater management to local communities, and identify ways to better manage stormwater for our future.

tracey pham

Alexander Raven

Alexander works at Arcadis as a Graduate Drainage Engineer/Flood Modeler. Arcadis currently has over 27,000 employees, with my local highways and structures team consisting of approximately 200 employees. He completed his studies in June of 2019 with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)(Honours) and Commerce (Econometrics) and has been working in the Water Engineering field for over 3 years specialising in drainage design, flood modelling, and water treatment. Alexander has worked on many major infrastructure projects and has some experience in land development projects all over Australia.

Tania work photo small

Tania Struzina

Tania coordinates the design and delivery of Clearwater training and events and contributes to a range of stakeholder engagement activities. She has worked for the Clearwater program for over ten years she has extensive experience and knowledge in building capacity for Integrated Water Management. Tania has a background in environmental education and capacity building across a wide range of sectors. She holds a Bachelor degree in Communications and Masters in Environment and Planning. Her previous work history includes ECO-Buy Local Government Green Purchasing program at the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), MSSI Sustainability Institute at Melbourne University, Campus Planning at RMIT University, and in International Development with Oxfam Australia.

Jessica Ward

Jessica Ward

Jessica is an environmental engineer with over 10 years’ experience in the water fieldJessica is an environmental engineer with over 10 years’ experience in the water fieldproviding services to the public and private sectors. Jessica has lived and worked acrossthe three states of the eastern seaboard, and gained invaluable knowledge within thedifferent policy contexts. Jessica has taken on leading roles in delivering sustainablesolutions to a wide range of projects from IWM and WSUD projects to detailed design ofstormwater harvesting, to flood mitigation and large scale stormwater infrastructure.Jessica also thoroughly enjoys extending her role to include capacity building andmentoring within the company and greater industry. Jessica currently works at Spiire,in the water team, with a passion for driving innovation, protecting waterways and enablinggreen links for healthy communities.





Stormwater Victoria Sub Committee Representatives 2020 - 2021


Sarah Watkins, Alice Lisitsa, Steve D'Agata, Charlotte Beresford, Jamie Tainton

Conference and Awards

Chair:  Rachelle Adamowicz

Committee:  Steve D'Agata (Executive), Jessica Ward, Maria Matamala

Advocacy and Strategic Direction

Chair:  Nausheen Obaid

Committee:  Alice Lisitsa (Executive), Damien Egan, Tom Stephanou 

Technical Events 

Chair:  Vacant

Sub Committee: Charlotte Beresford (Executive), Bresson Li, Katie Prout, Adi Saxema, Tania Struzina

Communications, Membership and Special Projects

Chair:  Celine Marchenay

Sub Committee:  Sarah Watkins (Executive),  Aaron Dowling (SQIDEP), Sarah Hollis (The Outlet), Alexander Raven (Social Media), Jamie Tainton