2019 Stormwater VIC February Breakfast Seminar Proceedings - Australian Rainfall and Runoff 2016 Practitioner's Event:

The purpose of this session for regional Victoria was to provide a better understanding of what ARR 2016 requires of practitioners and to build a case for its use.

pdfVal and Michael Mag – Introduction to Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR) 2016

pdfDavid Stephens – RORBwin an enabling tool for ARR2016


2019 Planning Policy Changes - Stormwater Controls:

pdfBackground to reforms - Chris Chesterfield, CRC for Water Sensitive Cities

pdfDetails of the New Planning Provisions, Emma Stewart, DELWP

pdfImplications to Industry, Kate Matthews, Cardno/ Stormwater Victoria

pdfNext Steps and Future Initiatives, Emma Stewart, DELWP

pdfAll Presentations

Webinar Video: 2019 Stormwater Planning Policy Changes  (Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the password).


2018 Stormwater VIC May Breakfast Seminar 

The purpose of this session was to provide a better understanding of what ARR 2016 requires of practitioners and to build a case for its use.

Webinar Video: Welcome to 2018 ARR2016 Breakfast Seminar

Webinar Video: Introduction to ARR2016

Webinar Video: ARR2016 With Innovyze

Webinar Video: RORB an Enabling Tool for ARR2016

Webinar Video: Panel Discussion


2018 Stormwater Victoria Conference Proceedings:

pdfAmanda Stone - Water Sensitive Communities Driving Change - The Yarra River Protection Act

pdfAndre Taylor - Leadership to Deliver Water Sensitive Communities

pdfAndrew Grant - Stormwater Pollution Management - Measuring Performance

pdfBirgit Jordan and Bronwen Hutchinson - Strategic Investment in Runof Management

pdfCandace Jordan and Dr Dale Browne - Permeable Pavement - What's the Concrete Evidence

pdfCeleste Morgan and John Frdelja - Ballarat City Integrated Water Management Plan

pdfDavid Holmgren - Retrosurburbia

pdfEmma Hendy and Russell Martin - Managed Aqulfer Recharge (MAR)

pdfGeoff Connellan and Peter Symes - Stormwater Harvesting Storage Management to Achieve Sustainable Landscapes at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

pdfHugh Williamson - Coomoora Road Reserve Stormwater Harvesting Project

pdfJeremy Cheesman - Kingston Stormwater Quality in-lieu Contribution Scheme

pdfKate Berg - Soil Moisture Recharge to Maximise the Benefits of Stormwater Harvesting Systems

pdfKathy Russell - Sediment-sensitive Stormwater Management

pdfKym Whiteoak - Economic Assessment of the Ballarat Integrated Water Management Plan

pdfLeigh Holmes - Are We Serious About Integrated Water Management Plan

pdfNausheen Obaid and Daniel Fokkens - Proactively Maintaining and Renewing Casey's Water Sensitive WSUD Assets

pdfNick Andrewes - Fairbairn Park Pavillion Project

pdfPeter Coombes - Systems Analysis and Macroeconomic History Reveals

pdfPeter Woodman and Rushiru Kanakaratne - From Little Things, Big Errors May Grow - A Look at the Importance of QA

pdfRianda Mills and Chris Tancheff - An Integrated Water Management Approach

pdfRoss Allen - Water-Sensitive Communities - Understanding Context and Enabling Collaboration

pdfSheridan Blunt - Are Planning Controls the Best Approach to WSUD on Private Land?

pdfSheridan Blunt - Better Best Practice Notes - Stormwater and Beyond

pdfStephanie Milankovic - The Importance of Council Guidelines in Creating Water Sensitive Communities

pdfVaughn Grey - Building a Water Sensitive Municipality @ Moreland


2018 Stormwater Victoria March Breakfast Seminar Proceedings:

pdfMeg Caffin - The Role of Water in Urban - Greening - Cooling

pdfCarol Jadraque - Melbourne Water's Urban Cooling Program - A Tangible Climate Change Adaptation Inititative

pdfSarah Buckley - Case Study 1 - City of Stonnington IWM - Urban Forest

pdfRobyn Mitchell - Case Study 2 - City of Monash WSUD Street Trees Project Presentation Structure 

pdfJasmine Thom - Case Study 3 - Urban Forest Microclimate Research


2017 Stormwater Victoria November Seminar Proceedings:

pdfJeremie Bonneau - Sponge Cities - What Role for Stormwater Infiltration

pdfRoss Allen - Sponge Citis - Keeping Water in the Catchment

pdfTim Fletcher - Sponge Cities - Moving from WSUD to Water Sensitive Urban LandscapesTim Fletcher - Sponge Cities - Moving from WSUD to Water Sensitive Urban Landscapes


2017 Stormwater Victoria July Industry Forum Proceedings:

pdfGeorgie Wettenhall - Competing Demands for Environmental Stormwater Standards

pdfGordon Templeton - Theory Into Practice Certain Uncertainty 

pdfGordon Templeton - Theory Into Practice Certain Uncertainty with Notes


2017 Stormwater Victoria Conference Proceedings:

pdfAleks Svazas - Collaboration to Deliver Integrated Water Servicing Solutions - A Case Study for Sunshine NEC_Redacted

pdfAleks Svazas - Stony Creek Naturalization Project - Collaboration to Rejuvenate and Naturalise a Concrete Channel Drain_Redacted

pdfAlexandra Brown - Bringing Life to a Concrete Jungle - WSUD in Industrial Precincts

pdfAndrew Harrison - Asserting the Sustainable Drainage Agenda

pdfAnn Pugh - Doing the Best We Can - Or are We

pdfBrendan McNamara - How Much Do You Know About Assets

pdfCeleste Morgan - The New Role for Councils - Driving an Intergraded Green-Blue Approach

pdfDamien D'Aspromonte - Eastbank Lake - A Catalyst for Integration and Change

pdfDave Sharley - An Integrated Passive Sampling Approach to Detect and Identify Primary Sources of Pollution in Stormwater Networks

pdfDavid Howard, Nino Polon and Emma Pryse - Greening the Pipeline - MOS Pilot Williams Landing

pdfDing Chan - Use of Historical Weather Data in Planning a Diverse Water Supply System in an Uncertain Climate Future

pdfDr Stuart Field - Engaging Indigenous Knowledge - Taking a Leap into the Unexpected

pdfEdmond Lascaris - Coding Sustainability Practices Into Schools

pdfGeoff Connellan and Richard Dilena - Stormwater Scheme Lessons in Irrigating Green Space in the City of Greater Geeolong

pdfGlenn Ottrey - Defusing the WSUD Maintenance Time Bomb

pdfHaydn Read - Assets Using Big Data Analytics - Interoperability and New Frontier

pdfJarrod Gaut - Which WSUD Assets are Most Financially Sustainable?

pdfJessica Ward - Selling Water Better - A Human Centered Approach to Increasing the Status of Stormwater

pdfKathryn Skidmore and Vaughn Grey - Leading by Example on WSUD Policy Implementation

pdfKristina Sestokas - Towards Predicting Future Imperviousness - How the Melbourne Urbanisation Mapping (MUM) Project Took on This Challenge

pdfKristina Sestokas - Stormwater - Untapping the Potential... What Role Can Distributed Storages Play in Reducing Flood Effects

pdfLydia Cetin - Integrated Catchment - River Modelling of the Parramatta River to Support Achieving Swimmability Targets

pdfMatthew Pilcher - Priortizing Stormwater Mitigation Sites in Multiple High-Value Catchments of the Dandenong Ranges

pdfMichael Yule and Stephen Clarke - Reworking The Watershed - Using Decentralized Flood Management to Retrofit the Urban Environment

pdfNigel Pugh and Celine Marchenay - A Fully Integrated Water-Sewer-Drainage Model

pdfPenny Ball - How Water Sensitive is my Municipality - A New Tool for Benchmarking Practice

pdfRalf Pfleiderer - Flood Purge and SWH at Lincoln Squares Project

pdfRalf Pfleiderer - Rainwater Harvesting Over Sewer Mining - CH2 Case Study

pdfRod Wiese - Clever Use Of Existing Infrastructure to Minimize Construction Cost - Tally Ho Stormwater Harvesting Project

pdfSarah Watkins - How Do We Design Stormwater Harvesting for Waterways

pdfSimon Brink - ZAM-WSUD For Trees and the $1 Per Cleanout Gross Pollutant Trap

pdfValerie Mag - Developing Maintenance Requirements and Standards to Prolong the Engineering Life Piped Systems - The Kingston Case Study

pdfVaughn Grey - Collaboration to Retrofit WSUD


2017 Stormwater Victoria March Breakfast Seminar Proceedings:

pdfAndrew Thomas - Lastest Research Findings on Local Government Maintenance of Stormwater WSUD Assets in Melbourne

pdfNina Cossais - Internation Insights on WSUD Maintenance from Recent 'On The Ground' Research Conducted in Europe

pdfDale Browne - An Overview of the new WSUD Asset Audit Guidelines developed by Melbourne Water and Stormwater Water


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pdf2015 Letter of Support for Yarra River Act.pdf

pdf2013 Stormwater Victoria submission - Melbourne Water Future Strategy.pdf

pdf2010 Stormwater Victoria Position Paper.pdf


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