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There are many reasons why you and your colleagues should join us at Sydney Olympic Park to attend Stormwater2018.  Often, the best recommendations come from those who have come before you, so here is some feedback from delegates who attended Stormwater2016 on the best parts of our last national conference:



"Many of the technical papers were excellent and several of the keynotes were brilliant."

"Variety of content, calibre of attendees and presenters and the format to stimulate networking and thinking outside the square."

"The Conference was designed to inspire and Rachel Robertson and Michael Groom did just that. They took us out of our box and appealed to our inner desires and dreams. Well done."




"I have to say this was the best Stormwater industry conferences I have attended, and I have attended a few, on and off, since 2008. The venue and the key note speakers where all a cut above what I have been used to, including a mix of technical, inspirational and very funny presentations.  There was also a change in vibe since 2014 which indicated that we are all beginning to challenge the norms established back in the early 2000s around WSUD."

"The opportunity to leave work behind and have time to think - learning some really innovative solutions to technical challenges."

"Location. Inspirational keynotes were EXCELLENT. Loved the activities at the start of each day, each one was great, but I think the bingo set the scene for the rest of the conference. Everyone was so ready to talk to each other and was so friendly after that!! Excellent facilitation. Everything went so smoothly, everything felt relaxed."

"For me it was the generosity of the people who attended. Almost all were approachable and happy to share their work and insights with other delegates. I have made a bunch of new contacts as a result that will benefit the work of my organisation."




"The opportunity to meet with and learn from others in the industry was a highlight'

"The networking and interactive nature that the organisers always bring to the event. From the first "bingo" card we were setup to mix and mingle with people we don't know."


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