We invite you to join us for the 2013 Stormwater Victoria Conference, ‘Liveability – Resilience and Prosperity’.  The Conference will be held at the Bayview Eden, Melbourne adjacent to the beautiful Albert Park Lake & Golf Course on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th May 2013.

Building on the success of the 2012 Stormwater National Conference, this year’s event will embark on an exciting new chapter – our first two day Victorian Conference.

Victoria’s water industry is going through major transitional change, especially in the stormwater field. The Conference will be an opportunity for the stormwater industry to share their relevant successes, experiences and learning with colleagues and hear examples of how we are striving to achieve liveability through integrated water cycle management. This means broadening our thinking, becoming more collaborative and multidisciplinary.

The Conference program will include two days of concurrent presentations. The Conference will feature a co-located trade exhibition providing an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest in product innovation. Presenters are not required to prepare a paper, but to submit a PowerPoint presentation in advance of the Conference for review by the Steering Committee.

The primary audience includes industry professionals including engineers, asset managers, researchers, landscape architects, sustainability managers, knowledge transfer specialists, policy development practitioners, politicians and advisors at all levels of government from:

  • Government agencies
  • Non-government agencies
  • Research and development organisations
  • Regional NRM Bodies
  • Industry

The Conference is a valuable forum to establish and strengthen our networks in this new paradigm. The Conference will be practical, grounded, informative and tangible. This doesn’t make it irrelevant at an executive or board level. Rather it provides an opportunity to demonstrate the practical value of delivering integrated water cycle management and its benefits to achieving sustainable urban environments.

Conference theme
Under the banner of Liveability – Resilience and Prosperity the Conference will address a number of sub-themes:

  • Systems approaches to Integrated Water Cycle Management
  • Ecosystem services and protection
  • Creating water sensitive environments and landscapes
  • Collaboration, knowledge sharing and practice change

For each sub-theme we will explore the related innovations, research and development, planning, on-ground implementation, risks, monitoring, and governance developments.

icon Stormwater Victoria 2013 State Conference Call for Conference Abstracts (211.79 kB)