Stormwater Victoria recognises the Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Protocol (SQIDEP), developed by Stormwater Australia, as an important step in the industry towards achieving our collective and shared goals of improving stormwater quality for receiving waterways.

The need for a clear framework and criteria is essential to provide guidance to the industry on how to determine the performance of proprietary treatment products, as well as ongoing monitoring, evaluation and modelling requirements for these systems.

In acknowledgement of the importance of this issue to our members, Stormwater Victoria has developed a Position Paper. The Position Paper can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

DOWNLOAD the Stormwater Victoria SQIDEP Position Paper

In line with our commitment to provide a voice to our members on key issues, Stormwater Victoria has engaged with industry and our membership to share the progress and seek feedback on the SQIDEP, and in turn understand how our members see this protocol being implemented, and any challenges, issues or limitations to do so effectively. The Position Paper provides details of this engagement undertaken with our membership, and the culmination of the work and consideration of SQIDEP over the past years.

We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Stormwater Australia in improving the SQIDEP framework to ensure a fair, robust and accountable protocol for the industry to benefit from into the future.