The Legislative Council Environment and Planning Committee investigatated Victoria’s preparedness for, and response to Victoria’s major flooding event of October 2022. The Committee held a Meeting with Members to seek submissions, and have invited Stormwater Victoria to express their views via a submission. As part of Stormwater Victoria’s core role in policy and advocacy, the Association made a submission on behalf of our membership.
The inquiry held a look into the flood event as a whole and the areas affected, and consider factors such as what caused or contributed to the Flood Event; emergency services; government policy; flood mitigation strategies; the Flemington Racecourse flood wall; and the Victoria planning framework. 
Key aspects we were invited to comment on include the implementation and effectiveness of the 2016 Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy in relation to the flood event, and the implications for future planning decisions, including how the Victorian planning framework can ensure climate mitigation is considered in future planning decisions. Further information on the scope is available at :