2019 Stormwater Vic Conference

The 2019 Victoria State Conference: River for Liveability - Promote, Protect and Preserve, was held at the Vibe Hotel in Marysville on Tuesday, 4th and Wednesday, 5th June, 2019.

The Conference brought together thought leaders and innovators, and provide opportunities for the industry to share successes, as well as education that can be used to provide tangible benefits for the communities, businesses and environment that we all share.

The Conference program included two days of multi-stream sessions as well as a co-located trade exhibition, providing an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest in product innovation. It also featured the annual Stormwater Victoria Conference Dinner, held on the evening of Tuesday 4th June.

The theme of this year's Conference focused on our river systems. Victoria has a vast network of river and waterway systems that meander through the many cities, towns and suburbs across the state. These rivers are the life blood of our communities, providing many cultural, recreational, environmental, climatic, economic and life sustaining benefits. These waterways have been contributing to communities long before western settlement occurred within Victoria. Now, changes are being made to the landscape of our state daily. While population growth increases, and along with it the significant economic investment in infrastructure, this progress has the potential to have detrimental effects on our river systems and their health if not managed carefully. It’s easy to see that much of inner Victorian agricultural and peri-urban areas are diminishing due to an ever-expanding urban growth ring around Melbourne. It has become clearer that the protection of our river systems is more critical now than ever.


pdfAdele Faraone - Living Alongside the Growing Grass Frog in the Urban Jungle

pdfAlex Walton, Sarah Watkins, Nigel Corby - Assessing Large Scale Stormwater Harvesting

pdfAngela Ganley - Combining Stormwater Treatment and Frog Conservation Objectives in a Wetland with an Industrial Catchment 

pdfBelinda Hatt, Vaughn Grey - Irrigating Food Crops with Stormwater: A Review of Potential Risks

pdfCeleste Morgan - Maryborough IWM Plan: Delivering Real Benefits Through the Water Cycle

pdfCeline Marchenay - Development of a City-Wide Drainage Model to Assess System Performance

pdfDavid Carew - Seasonal Eco-Hydrological Regimes and Local Catchment Modelling to Protect High Value Ecosystems in Urbanizing Catchments

pdfDr Geoff Vietz - Stormwater and Outflow Planning Controls for Waterway Health: Applying the Urban Streamflow Impact Assessment (USIA)

pdfDr Harsha Fowdar - Way Beyond Best Practice: Grassed Based ZAM-WSUD Profiles Demonstrate Up To 80% Total Nitrogen Removal

pdfDr Joshphar Kunapo - Assembling High Resolution Spatial Datasets for Robust Effective Imperviousness Modelling

pdfDr Roozbeh Hasanzadeh - Flood Risk Assessment In Australian Urban Areas

pdfEdmond Lascaris - Lot Scale Rainwater Harvesting and Future Flood and Drought Risks in the City of Whittlesea

pdfElizabeth Smolinska - Complexities in Flood Modelling and Mitigation for Large Infrastructure Projects - Rosanna Level Crossing Removal

pdfEsther Kay - VC154: A Planner's Perspective (How Did We Get Here and What Does It Mean?)

pdfGeoff Connellan - Stormwater for Urban Forests: Is it a Good Fit?

pdfGlenn Ottrey - ARR2016 Temporal Patterns for Urban Drainage and Flood-Modelling. Do we Need to Run Them All?

pdfHeath Baker - Contaminated Industrial Stormwater Networks - Live Monitoring and Pollution Detection

pdfHugh Williamson - All The Things We Learnt - Dandenong Council Stormwater Quality Audit

pdfIan Adams - Implementing the Integrated Water Management Victorian Planning Provisions - Case Studies from Melbourne Councils

pdfIan Rutherfurd - The Impact of Stormwater from Towns on Rivers & Streams

pdfJamie Tainton - Melbourne Water Drainage Schemes: Friend or Foe?

pdfJarrod Luxton - Unlocking the Superpowers of Street Trees: Green-Blue Infrastructure for Healthy Streets & Waterways

pdfJeanne Rossouw, Alan West - The Edithvale Integrated Stormwater Solution

pdfJoshua Parish - Monbulk Creek: Retrofitting Energy Dissipation Techniques to Improve Waterway Health in Steep, Existing Urban Catchments

pdfJulia Baumann - Stormwater Treatment, Harvest and reuse -- A Winning Trifecta at Moonee Valley

pdfKatrina Hawkins, Rachelle Adamowicz - Understanding the Key Construction Hold Points for Bio-Retention Systems and Wetlands

pdfLili Pechey, Dr Buyani Thomy - Who Let the Economists Into the Decision Making Tent? Insights From Urban Waterways in Victoria

pdfMatthew Gaite, Rowan Hore - Improving Management for Water Sensitive Areas, A Rural Setting

pdfMilos Pelikan - A Framework to map Social Values of waterways and Target Areas for Investment

pdfPatrick Jeschke, Matthew Pilcher - Travelling Through Yarra Ranges' WSUD Transformation

pdfPaul Clemson - Flood Storages and Peak Flows in Moonee Ponds Creek - Is More Storage Always Better?

pdfPeter Woodman - Mean, Median or the Central Vibe. Some True Urban Examples of Applying ARR2016

pdfPhilip Joyce, Sam Innes - Water Sensitive Drainage and Flood Management Strategy for Fishermans Bend

pdfProfessor Veeriah Jegatheesan - Stormwater Management to Save the Rivers and Contribute to Integrated Water Management

pdfRalf Pfleiderer - Atherton Street Oakleigh - Passive Irrigation Retrofit

pdfRonak Rahimi - Mitigation of Risk, Creation of Feature: Simpson Street Stormwater Management

pdfSainath Tavate - Innovative Stormwater Management Approach to Reduce Flooding Impact

pdfSarah Hollis - Banyule Swamp, My Neighbour, Will You Give Me A Glass of Water?

pdfSarah Hollis - Monash National Employment and Innovation Cluster: IWM Precinct Scale Strategy

pdfSheridan Blunt - Highway Design, Stormwater Planning and Local Waterways

pdfSimon Roberts, Sarah Watkins - The Future of Wetlands for Waterway Protection

pdfStephen D'Agata - Selling Flood Mapping Results to a Sceptical Public

pdfSteve Clarke, Jacqueline Woodlock - Peaking Too Soon: A Case Study of Updating River Hydrology for a Latrobe River Tributary

pdfVaughn Grey, Kathryn Skidmore - Implementing WSUD in the Planning Scheme: Lessons Learnt at Moreland